Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 3

Alas…. we had come to the last day of our Salar de Uyuni Tour in Boliva.  The past 2 days had been filled with a myriad of terrains, lagoons, mountains, deserts, rock mountains, flamingos, salt flats, cacti and the list goes on.  Alberto, our driver, wanted us to be ready to go by 5.30 am.  I could not sleep the whole night as I had a mild bout of attitude sickness as we were at an altitude of almost 5,000m above sea level.  I could not breathe easily and found myself taking quick and deep breaths throughout the night.  Yet, it had not dampened my spirit as I got ready for more amazing sights.  It was freezing cold and due to time constraints, we quickly gulped down our hot beverages and took a quick bite of our bread.  Martha was so cold that she had the sleeping bag wrapped around her in the car.

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Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 2

I had such a good start to my first day of my Salar de Uyuni tour that I was full of anticipation for more wondrous landscape sights.  The second day of the tour was also called the day of the lagoons as we will be hopping from one lagoon to another … each one more stunning than the other.  On this day, we had the luxury to wake up at 7 am and depart from our hotel after a quick breakfast.

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Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 1

Frankly speaking, when I was on the Salar Uyuni tour, I didn’t know the all the name of the places I was visiting.  I was so enamoured with the magnificient landscapes that I wanted to understand and know more of what I have seen.  This post will give you a headstart and introduction to this tour. The following are the places you will visit if you went on a typical 3D2N Salar Uyuni tour from Uyuni and ending at the drop-off point to Pedro de Atacama.

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Tips For a Uyuni Salt Flats Tour – Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni)

Uyuni Salt Flats is a much sought-after destination and it became part of my bucket list when I set my eyes upon the jaw-dropping reflecting horizonless shimmering landscape.  It is definitely not the place where one can travel independently due to the vastness and no definite routing to speak of.   So.. the best way to explore this spectacular place is to join an organized tour.  There are many schools of thought/experiences of the best way to do the tour.  As I had personally gone on a 3 days 2 nights tour in August 2014, I will write of my own experiences and hope that it can help you with the preparation of your own passage.

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Machu Picchu – How to Purchase Your Machu Picchu Tickets Online

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu – Such a wondrous sight to behold!

Machu Picchu is on the bucket list on almost every traveller for its mysterious origin and also, being one of the 7th wonder of the world make it one of the most sought after destination in the world.

Machu Picchu, Peru, How to book Machu Picchu tickets

First and foremost, you need to purchase your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu months before you embark on the visit.  Especially during peak season which falls in the dry season from July to August, tickets sell out very quickly. There is a limit of 2500 visitors per day and two groups of 200 visitors each are allowed to climb up Huayna Picchu between 7 to 8 am and 10 to 11 am.   Another group of 400 visitors are allowed to climb up Montana between 7 to 11 am.

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Salt Pan of Maras, Peru

Salineras de Maras, Salt Pans of Maras, Peru, Sacred Valley, How to get to Salt Pans of Maras by local transport, backpacking, budget travel, what is salt pans of Maras?

Salt Pans of Maras

About 40 kilometers from Cuzco, in the Sacred Valley, lies the salt evaporation pans of Maras, Peru also known as Salineras de Maras.  It is amazing how it is strategically tucked away in a valley and the amazing beautifully blended brown and yellow patch will suddenly appear as you turn a corner.  These pans are built on steep terraces along one side of a narrow valley as clearly shown in my photograph above.  From a distance, the whole brilliant whitish area popped up against the brownish terrain around and above it.

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Iguazu Falls – Brazil Side Part 2

We visited Iguazu falls in August which is at the end of the winter season in Brazil.  We were blessed with sunny weather and it was not too crowded.

Iguazu Falls Btazil Side, How to get to Iguazu Falls, Brazil, Backpacking, Budget Travel, How long should I spend at Iguazu Falls, Brazil side?

The beginning of the trail

We were greeted with this awesome sight when we got down from the shuttle bus.  Visitors hurriedly whisked out their cameras and handphones and getting a good place to snap this spectacular scenery.

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Introduction To Iguazu Falls – Brazil Side Part 1

Iguazu Falls Btazil Side, How to get to Iguazu Falls, Brazil, Backpacking, Budget Travel, How long should I spend at Iguazu Falls, Brazil side?

Panaromic view of Iguazu Falls

The thunderous spectacular Iguazu Falls consists of 275 individual fall which form a long picturesque spectacle of swift falling waters complemented by the greenery of the lush plants and trees.  It is also known as Iguassu Falls and Iguaçu Falls.  The falls originate from the Iguazu River and are located on the border between  Brazil and Argentina forming the boundary between these two countries.

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Escadaria Selaron – Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Escadaria Selaron, Brazil, How to get to Escadaria Selaron, Who is Jorge Selaron, Where is Escadaria Selaron, colourful steps, backpacking, budget travel, Is Escadaria Selaron worth a visit?

Mr Jorge Selaron

This is Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón, the man responsible for putting  Escadaria Selaron, also known as the ‘Selaron Steps’, on the travellers’ map and made it one of the must-see places in Brazil.  He traveled, lived and worked as a painter and sculptor in over 50 countries around the world before arriving and deciding to settle in Rio de Janeiro in 1983.

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