Often when I travelled in a land whereby I could not speak nor understand the language, instead of intrepidation and fear, I ventured forth knowing that I could use one language – the language from the heart! I have received so much care and concern from strangers who did not know me from Adam but yet chose to embrace me with their benevolence and gifts.  So … what exactly is this language from the heart? It is a language whereby you seek something or ask for help not with malicious intents, without expectations but genuinely wanting to make a connection.  Words may not be needed, appropriate gestures, a smiling face and genuine communication are the keys to the language of the heart.  It’s gratifying how I asked for so little and yet was blessed by much.  I discovered that people do want to help – it’s how we convey our needs.

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My Son – The Perfect Backpacking Buddy!!

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Wefie – Mommy & Son in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ivan, my second son, will be 20 years old this September 2015.  I decided to take him backpacking to Thailand for 10 days while he was having a break from his studies.  To my utter surprise and absolute delight, he turned out to be the perfect travel buddy and a born backpacker.  Let me tell you why Ivan surpassed my expectations as a compatible travel buddy.

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