Rock Bottom Airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow!!!!!

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Promotional Fares By Vietnam Airlines

For those who are hankering to go to Moscow but think that the fare will be expensive – think again!!! Vietnam Airlines is offering cheap… and I mean … really cheap fare from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow return for less than RM1,400.  This promotional fare started in April 2015 and it is still running until all promotional seats are sold off.  Needless to say, this cheap fare is available for certain dates but the last time I checked, there still plenty of seats till next year.

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How To Plan A Backpacking Trip?

I am currently planning a one month backpacking trip with my good friend, Joanne.  So, for those who have been asking me on how I go about doing it, I will take you along this journey from the beginning to the end of this trip.  For this post, it will be the foundation of the trip whereby you will need to lay down your “when”, “where”, “what” and “how” of the structure of the trip.  For Joanne’s sake, I will plan in detail for this trip and try to follow the laid down itinerary.  If I travel alone, anything goes and I change the itinerary according to my whim and fancy!  I will reveal how I get inspired to travel other than when my feet start to itch real bad.

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Travel Alone But Yet Not Alone

No…. it’s not because I could not get anyone to travel with me! No…. I am not anti-social.. neither am I a loner.  So.. why do I like travelling alone?

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Travelling alone means that you are the only one to make all the decisions pertaining to your own holiday.  No compromises, no obligations, no considerations of others are needed.  It’s purely about what you what to do with this precious time that you are given to travel on your OWN TERM.

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7 Steps to Jumpstart Your Backpacking

I started backpacking in my early forties and now that I am in my fifties, I still do not get enough of it.  Some may say that backpacking is for the young and restless.  Guess ….. I must be a late bloomer with tons of restlessness residing in me. It’s never too late or too old to start if you are adventurous and bold. Yes… my dorm-mates were half my age and some were even younger than that but never once did I feel out of place.  In Marakkesh, I was the only female backpacker staying in the same dorm with 9 hunky young man from different parts of the world.  Yet…. it didn’t feel strange.  What I am saying is that there are no set criterias for a backpacker.  You just need a zeal for travelling at a shoestring budget and loves mingling and rooming with strange people from all corners of the earth.

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