Often when I travelled in a land whereby I could not speak nor understand the language, instead of intrepidation and fear, I ventured forth knowing that I could use one language – the language from the heart! I have received so much care and concern from strangers who did not know me from Adam but yet chose to embrace me with their benevolence and gifts.  So … what exactly is this language from the heart? It is a language whereby you seek something or ask for help not with malicious intents, without expectations but genuinely wanting to make a connection.  Words may not be needed, appropriate gestures, a smiling face and genuine communication are the keys to the language of the heart.  It’s gratifying how I asked for so little and yet was blessed by much.  I discovered that people do want to help – it’s how we convey our needs.

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My Son – The Perfect Backpacking Buddy!!

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Wefie – Mommy & Son in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ivan, my second son, will be 20 years old this September 2015.  I decided to take him backpacking to Thailand for 10 days while he was having a break from his studies.  To my utter surprise and absolute delight, he turned out to be the perfect travel buddy and a born backpacker.  Let me tell you why Ivan surpassed my expectations as a compatible travel buddy.

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Rock Bottom Airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow!!!!!

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Promotional Fares By Vietnam Airlines

For those who are hankering to go to Moscow but think that the fare will be expensive – think again!!! Vietnam Airlines is offering cheap… and I mean … really cheap fare from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow return for less than RM1,400.  This promotional fare started in April 2015 and it is still running until all promotional seats are sold off.  Needless to say, this cheap fare is available for certain dates but the last time I checked, there still plenty of seats till next year.

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How To Plan A Backpacking Trip?

I am currently planning a one month backpacking trip with my good friend, Joanne.  So, for those who have been asking me on how I go about doing it, I will take you along this journey from the beginning to the end of this trip.  For this post, it will be the foundation of the trip whereby you will need to lay down your “when”, “where”, “what” and “how” of the structure of the trip.  For Joanne’s sake, I will plan in detail for this trip and try to follow the laid down itinerary.  If I travel alone, anything goes and I change the itinerary according to my whim and fancy!  I will reveal how I get inspired to travel other than when my feet start to itch real bad.

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Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 3

Alas…. we had come to the last day of our Salar de Uyuni Tour in Boliva.  The past 2 days had been filled with a myriad of terrains, lagoons, mountains, deserts, rock mountains, flamingos, salt flats, cacti and the list goes on.  Alberto, our driver, wanted us to be ready to go by 5.30 am.  I could not sleep the whole night as I had a mild bout of attitude sickness as we were at an altitude of almost 5,000m above sea level.  I could not breathe easily and found myself taking quick and deep breaths throughout the night.  Yet, it had not dampened my spirit as I got ready for more amazing sights.  It was freezing cold and due to time constraints, we quickly gulped down our hot beverages and took a quick bite of our bread.  Martha was so cold that she had the sleeping bag wrapped around her in the car.

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Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 2

I had such a good start to my first day of my Salar de Uyuni tour that I was full of anticipation for more wondrous landscape sights.  The second day of the tour was also called the day of the lagoons as we will be hopping from one lagoon to another … each one more stunning than the other.  On this day, we had the luxury to wake up at 7 am and depart from our hotel after a quick breakfast.

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Essential Tips for Visiting Marrakech, Morocco

When one speaks of Marrakech, the bustling lively main square of Jemaa el Fna with its winding and crowded souks springs to mind.   Its mysterious, exotic history and culture has drawn travellers from all over the world and is a much-sought after city by celebrities, writers and artists.  Away from the medina, Marrakech is becoming like its European neighbours with high-end boutiques, classy restaurants and happening nightlife.

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Places You Will See On Salar de Uyuni Tour – Day 1

Frankly speaking, when I was on the Salar Uyuni tour, I didn’t know the all the name of the places I was visiting.  I was so enamoured with the magnificient landscapes that I wanted to understand and know more of what I have seen.  This post will give you a headstart and introduction to this tour. The following are the places you will visit if you went on a typical 3D2N Salar Uyuni tour from Uyuni and ending at the drop-off point to Pedro de Atacama.

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